With Gratitude

❤️ My greatest impression from this campaign is the overwhelming support of my friends, neighbors and community partners. I owe you all a huge debt of gratitude for your incredible efforts. Your faith in me gave me wings, even if for a brief moment.
As an independent candidate, winning a race against an established machine would be a formidable challenge. I truly feel that we gave it our best effort.
I know exactly what I could contribute to the BOE given the opportunity. As things are, however, I can and will continue making a daily contribution to our schools as a free agent.
One of my favorite questions during the candidate forums was: “What will you do if you lose?” And my answer will continue to be :”The same thing I’m already doing. Empowering and engaging parents and coming up with innovative strategies to solve our school funding crisis.”
I congratulate the winning ticket, Marilyn Roman, Joan Terrel-Paige and Mussab Ali, and hope that they will govern wisely. As for us, it’s back to work making our schools stronger and better for our children. The students need all the support we can give them and we will not let them down.
Thank you, my friends, from the bottom of my heart. I endeavor to continue justifying your faith in me with good works to come. ❤️

#TheOddsAreNeverInOurFavor #AndThatsOkay

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Election Day Highlights

Thank you everyone, my friends and family for putting in a valiant effort on a rainy turbulent Election Day, against uneven odds. You guys are my heroes!

Jersey Journal Endorsement!

“Tough to choose among 8 dedicated candidates in Jersey City ed bd race | Jersey Journal endorsements:

“Ioffe, a School 16 parent, has impressed us through the years with her dedication and creativity. Earlier this year, she and other members of the school parent council even traveled to Trenton to attend an assembly budget committee hearing on education.”

Thanks, Jersey Journal!

DCNA Candidate Forum – 10/25/18

In the two years since I last ran for the school board my team and I have doubled our school’s non-profit revenues. And we are not about to stop.

My hope for change with return of local control is to have less bureaucracy and less complacency on district level, as well as increase in community partnerships when it comes to extracurricular programs.

***As a slight correction to my statement in this video I am not certain whether Hudson County succeeded in getting percentage of JC PILOT revenues through litigation or legislation during Mayor Cunningham’s time. The important thing is – they succeeded, and county schools benefited from it. Whether JCBOE would consider following this example by lobbying, or by suing the city for funding, like they sued the state, something needs to be done. Sometimes extreme examples prompt necessary action.

It’s not all about the money, folks. Academic excellence and passing on the drive to learn can be achieved in even the harshest circumstances and outside of comfort zones. As long as there is commitment to children.

Simple and free ways of promoting mental health and child safety in public schools.

Under my leadership our team has invested over $15,000 into the Arts programs that students receive free of cost. In addition to that we have engaged our public school arts teachers in our after school programs, providing them a platform for expanded teaching.

I am a parent volunteer and I bring solutions, not theories. Solutions that, if given the chance, can help all JC schools.

JC Heights Votes BOE Forum 10/22

Every day our public schools are losing money because of stagnant bureaucratic policies. By comparing the approved “School Specialty” vendor prices and the free market prices I discovered that our schools are overpaying 50% mark-ups for all their supplies. With the help of active legislators we can implement a groundbreaking reform that will result in millions of dollars in savings for our schools, salvaging teacher jobs and programs for years to come.

These were my closing remarks at last night’s forum. I shared something personal thatI don’t often share in the context of these elections.

Creating a culture of success in every JC school so that each child, in every neighborhood can have access to the best education.

The ever contentious subject of charter schools v. public schools. My position hasn’t changed.

Candidates were asked who they’d like to be teamed up with, outside of the established brackets/slates. An impossible question to answer, because it’t not so much about who you chose, but who would be left out. I gave the same response I give to my children.