JC Heights Votes BOE Forum 10/22

Every day our public schools are losing money because of stagnant bureaucratic policies. By comparing the approved “School Specialty” vendor prices and the free market prices I discovered that our schools are overpaying 50% mark-ups for all their supplies. With the help of active legislators we can implement a groundbreaking reform that will result in millions of dollars in savings for our schools, salvaging teacher jobs and programs for years to come.

These were my closing remarks at last night’s forum. I shared something personal thatI don’t often share in the context of these elections.

Creating a culture of success in every JC school so that each child, in every neighborhood can have access to the best education.

The ever contentious subject of charter schools v. public schools. My position hasn’t changed.

Candidates were asked who they’d like to be teamed up with, outside of the established brackets/slates. An impossible question to answer, because it’t not so much about who you chose, but who would be left out. I gave the same response I give to my children.

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